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Getting Started

  1. Download and unzip the Solution Template.
  2. Rename XXX to your preferred project name. To simplify this you could use the Sidvall FileSystem Manager.
  3. Update the XXX.Data.Entity\Model\Model.edmx file. If any tt-files are created when you update the edmx-file remove them.
  4. Modify the XXX.Test\ file to match your needs and generate code.
  5. Include the generated code in your projects (it’s located in the folders named GeneratedCode).
  6. Start coding.

Framework Libraries

Examples of features in the framework.

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Code Generator

A description of the code generator.

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Generated Code

Examples of features in the generated code.

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Examples of different achitectures that the framework enables.

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  • Support for Entity Framework 7 - XXX.Data.Entity7 (TBD)
  • Support for Universal Windows Apps for Windows 10 - XXX.UI.UWA and XXX.UI.UWA.Host (TBD)
  • Support for AngularJS 2.0 + TypeScript (TBD)

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